Custom Built Awnings

All awnings are custom made to fit your home.  We take great pride knowing that once we measure and the awnings are made, that they will be installed with a great fit.  Building at our climate controlled factory allows for a greater level of quality.

We can build a custom awning for you based off of your own measurements, or we can provide a factory representative to go and measure when the order is ready to proceed.  Don't take chances with just anyone, let Wayne Craft, Inc. build your awning right.

Traditional Aluminum Awnings

Awnings Detroit.  Aluminum awnings on house.

Awnings make a house a home.  Whether it is a porch, patio, or window awning, we can help you choose what works best on your home.

Door Awnings

Side door awning.  Awning in Detroit metro area.

Have peace of mind with shelter going in and out of your home.

Window Awnings

Window awning Detroit.  Beautiful window awning.

Window awnings cool, protect from fading, and allow fresh air during rain.

Patio Awnings

Insulated rear patio awning.  This awning provides a modern look with classic strength.

Live well.  Enjoy your patio with time well spent with your family and friends.

Porch Awnings

Front porch awning.  Detroit awning.  Awning Livonia, Awning Southgate.

Curb appeal.  Your entrance is where you make your first impression and welcome your neighbors.


Carport Detroit.  Deluxe carport over driveway.  Side house awning.

Keep your vehicle clean and your walking surfaces safe.