Structural Roof

Insulated roof system.  Patio cover.  Foam roof panel.  Standing seam, structural roof.

Insulated Roof System

Enjoy your patio with a roof system that provides a thermal barrier from the sun where you will stay cooler and more comfortable.

Peace and quiet.  The insulation in this patio covers creates a quieter atmosphere.  You can enjoy it in the rain without having to go back inside due to noise.

Stay relaxed in shaded comfort while you enjoy your patio, pool, deck or hot tub.

Some customers also use the insulated patio cover as a stepping stone in building there sunroom.  You have the possibility of enclosing  the roof with our screen, 3 season, or insulated wall systems to get the most out of your home.


  • Durable, heavy aluminum extrusions
  • Electostatically applied finish (powder coat)
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Beam
  • Support column options
  • Color options
  • 4" or 6" roof thickness


  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Porch
  • Pool area
  • Sunroom roof
  • Carport

Installed or D.I.Y.

Available as an installed product or as a kit.  A Wayne Craft representative can help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Flat Panel Awning

Deck awning Taylor, MI.  Lanai.  Non retractable patio awning.  Retractable awning.  Roll up awning.

Flat Panel Awning

A different twist on a patio awning.  This patio awning features a beautiful deep standing seam roof where the ceiling looks like bead board or soffit.  The integrated gutters control the flow of water away.  Flat panel awnings may also be used in low slop applications.


  • Deep standing seam panels
  • Gutter and downspouts
  • Heavy extruded aluminum frame
  • Electrostaically applied finish (powder coat)
  • Choice of support columns
  • Multiple color options to match your home


  • Patio covers
  • Porches
  • Screen room and sunroom roof
  • Carport

Structural Roofs

Deep Standing Seam

Non retractable awning, retractable awning, condo awning, Detroit standing seam awning.

Control and manage water with our Flat Panels.  Don't settle for a fabric awning that can't stand up to  weather.  


Military grade extrusion, awning beam Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Decks Michigan, Decks Livonia.

Military grade aluminum extrusion distributes the weight of snow, ice, and wind uplift evenly across your awning.


Skylight awning Detroit, Royal Oak awning, Livonia awning, Canton Awning, Belleville Awning.

Let there be light!  Concerned about darkening the area under your awning or new sunroom?  Don't be.  These skylights can help brighten up your new space.

Gutter and Downspouts

Carport Michigan, Carport Detroit, Carport Belleville, Carport Brownstown, Carport Canton.

Gutters and downspouts manage the flow of water away from your home or sunroom.

Sunroom Roofs

Sunroom roof Detroit, Sunroom roof Michigan, Sunroom roof replacement, Michigan sunroom repair.

New sunroom, or replacement roof.


Carports, car covers, awning cover, driveway awning cover Detroit Awning.

Protect your car from rain, snow, ice, hail, and sun exposure.

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