Frequently asked questions


What is electostatically applied paint?  It is another name for powder coated paint finish.  It allows for a consistent and complete coverage with a baked on finish for durability.

Why is aluminum used instead of steel?  Aluminum provides for a maintenance free life  free of chipping, warping, rusting, or rotting away.

What is a sunroom?  A sunroom is an accessory structure that depends on the glass surface area of the room that differentiates it from an addition, among other things.  In fact, there are 5 separate designations underneath the 2015 Michigan Residential Building code.

What is insulated glass?  Insulated glass can be several things.  It can be as simple as an external coating, to as fancy as a complete system using inert gases, spacers, and multi pane glass.  It basically prevents heat from transferring between the outside surface to the inside surface.

What is a thermal break?  A thermal break is designed to prevent energy such as heat or cold from transferring though a wall.  We use thermal breaks to keep our insulated room from conducting cold to the inside.