Aluminum Railings

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R-Series of Railing

Wayne Craft aluminum railings are made of extruded material that has been powder coated (electrostatically applied) with a smooth finish.

Railings come standard at 36" or 42" in height.  Custom heights are available , but please consult your local building codes.


Let Wayne Craft professionally install your railing.  Each installed railing will be custom measured to fit your project perfectly.  Give us a call today!


Feel like doing it yourself?  No problem.  We can help you on your way to a professional looking job in no time.  You can provide us your measurements and be on your way to a complete job quickly.

Railing Colors

White, black, and clay are standard across all styles.  Brown is only available in R1000, R1100, and R4000 styles.

Please note:  Colors appear differently on screens.  Please request color samples.  



Aluminum railing Detroit, Aluminum railing Michigan, Aluminum railing Livonia.  Metal railing.

The standard.


Classy rail, Classic rail Detroit, Historic Railing, Livonia Rail, Dearborn Rail.

A split top design meant give your porch an elegant flair.


Bloomfield Railing, Wet Bloomfield Railing, Railing Detroit, Livonia Railing, Aluminum Railing.

A railing with a secondary bar across the top.  Each vertical picket goes through secondary bar and terminates at the top.


Railing Detroit, Detroit Railing, aluminum railing, historic railing, iron railing, Detroit iron.

A rail similar to the R1200, but features an intermittent picket placement for a different look.


Detroit wrought iron railing, steel rail Detroit, Southfield railing, Michigan rail, decorative rail

Ornamental railing featuring ornaments in the middle cross section of the rail.


Detroit railing, ornamental wrought iron Detroit, metal railing, pipe railing, strong railing.

Decorative hoops in the middle cross section gives some elegant style.

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Strong metal railing, Allen park rail, Allen Park railing, metal railing Allen Park MI, Porch

A larger rail top offers a robust look for customers who desire a bigger appearance.


Deck railing Detroit, Deck railing Livonia, Deck railing South Lyon, Deck Railing Northville MI

Perfect for decks, balconies, or those interested in a bigger railing.  These strong, robust railings are a perfect choice.


Railing Detroit, Metal railing Detroit, Aluminum Railing Milford, Condo railing Detroit, Railing

Elegant looks with a comfortable grip.  These railings quite popular.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted railing Detroit, metal wall mounted railing, wrought iron wall mount railing, iron rail

Perfect for areas where a standard railing won't work next to stairs, ramps, or if you just want something different.

Pipe Railing

Durability and strength for commercial applications.  All aluminum for strength.  Perfect for churches, offices, restaurants, and even your home.


Aluminum railing ornaments, metal railing accessories, iron railing ornaments Detroit, wrought iron

Decorative ornaments and post toppers to add more dimension to your railing.  Ornaments will also compliment support columns.