Traditional Awnings

Detroit Awning.  Detroit sunroom.  Detroit Railing.  Aluminum front porch awning.  Window awning.

Traditional Quality

Traditional aluminum awnings have been designed to look good while weathering the years.  No weak material or parts to wear out.  These fixed awnings provide peace of mind.

Standard Features

  • Metal rafters
  • Interlocking seams
  • Drip edge gutter (where applicable)
  • Header bar across front (where applicable)
  • 21 standard colors from Valspar in a powder coat finish (electrostatically applied)
  • Compatible with different types of support posts and columns
  • Side vents at top to allow heat to escape


  • Front porch covers
  • Side door awnings
  • Window awnings
  • Patio door awning
  • Carport
  • Breezeway
  • Ramp awning
  • Enclosure roof

Awning Colors

Awning colors.  Color awnings.  Detroit awning.  Livonia awning.  Northville Awning.  Canton Awning.

A beautiful palate

The awnings start with a great structural foundation, but the colors are what really bring the product together.  Each color has been carefully selected to match or compliment the color scheme of most homes.

Choose a solid color, or mix and match colors to fit your design with a feature stripe across the front.

A clean finish

The paints are designed by Valspar to give you a true, vibrant color for many years.  Some paint finishes come in a smooth glossy finish, while others come in a matte finish.  The interior surface of the awning material is white.

Your colors, your way.

Standard awning colors work great 99% of the time, but what if you need a special color?  We can do custom feature stripes across the front of the awning, or as  valance across the bottom of the awning.  This will allow you to match your awning to your new siding, windows, and even gutters.  Awning colors on chart are for representation purposes only, and may not reflect the actual color.

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Drip Edge

No one likes to get dripped on!  The awning gutter helps prevent water from reaching you as you walk underneath it.

Header Bar

Awning support.  Awning beam.  Romulus awning, Brownstown awning.  Southgate awning, Ecorse awning,

Evenly distributes weight of snow, ice, and wind uplift across the front of the awning and its support columns.

Interlocking Seams

Metal awning.  Detroit awning.  Straight drop awning.

Prevents water from getting through to you underneath the awning.


Awning Detroit.  Valance awning.  Custom awning.  Awning Novi, Awning Wixom, Awning South Lyon.

Change the look of the awning by adding a single, or double valance at the bottom.  You can also leave the bottom edge free as a no valance option.

Slope Style

Straight drop awning.  Round awning.  Awning Carleton.  Awning Michigan.

A traditional convex shape features a rounded nose at the front of the awning.  A straight style awning offers a straight slope with no roundness at the front.


Fancy pattern awning.  Metal awning Dearborn.  Detroit Awning.  Westland Awning.  Garden City Awning

Need a little something extra?  We offer a sunburst pattern to add a little more flair to you house.

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